We’re on Our Way to Rwanda!

We have a team of 6 on the ground in Rwanda as part of Aspen Heights in Africa for the next 10 days. Jillian, Jason, Emily, Jacob, Jamie and James are Aspen Heights employees who are visiting Africa New Life to see the work we are contributing to there as a company.

We give employees and residents alike a chance to join us on these trips. Find our more information about Aspen Heights in Africa. Jillian will be keeping us updated on their progress and the work they are doing. Here’s the first of her blogs.

January 17, 2013 – I will land shortly in Austin to meet up with my team and will, after little sleep, head out on the adventure to Rwanda. Once there I will continue to keep everyone updated on the impact that we are making as a company, as well as the impact that a trip like this has on a person. Hopefully with that, a spark will be lit in everyone who reads, a spark to give their love, to slow down, appreciate, and believe that they can make a difference.

Before then; here’s a funny story. One of the necessities in packing for Rwanda was a water bottle to have with us during the day. Excited about my new purchase I packed mine in my carry on and filled it with root beer (I know, who does that?) Once settled in my seat, I thought I would quench my thirst; thinking nothing of what was to come of this menial task. As I opened the bottle; the only thing I saw was the back of my stinging eyelids, and blurry contacts from the explosion. If you are ever wondering what cabin pressure does to a bottle filled with soda; talk to the poor man sitting next to me covered in root beer in his dress suite. As I opened one eye to assess the damage he quickly stripped of his button up into his white t-shirt ( also drenched) and just laughed and said he liked the smell of this new cologne.

So to start the journey I smile at the forgiveness of such a small thing and look forward to learning of the forgiveness that Rwanda has been rebuilt on and what we as a company are doing to make an impact.

– Jillian and the Spring 2013 Aspen Heights in Africa Team

2013 Rwanda Team

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