Top 3 Places to Eno in Starkville

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.12.47 AM                                                                        Photo Courtesy of Eagles Nest Outfitters

With summer coming to an end and pumpkin spice lattes making their way back into the south, we can’t help but get excited that Eno weather is finally in “swing”.

While many students seem to find their comfort on the Drill Field after class, we have set out to find the top 3 places in Starkville that you can tie up to and settle down. Here’s where you might find us:

#1: Noxubee Wildlife Refuge

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Located just 7 miles from Aspen Heights, it is easy to overlook this little piece of tranquility. This serene hangout spot, spanning 48,000 acres, provides a peaceful and quiet place to escape the busy life of a student in Starkville.

#2: North Farm at Mississippi State

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Home to where many of our university students spend their days doing research, Mississippi State’s North Farm is one spot you don’t want to miss when the leaves start changing. Not even 1 mile from campus, this swinging spot is surrounded by trails, flower gardens and plenty of trees to hang up at.

#3: Oktibbeha County Lake

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While Oktibbeha County Lake provides Starkville residents with the chance to enjoy the sand in their toes during the summer months, it also provides a quiet lake front atmosphere during the fall. If you can set your eyes past the water slide attractions you will be sure to see some of the most beautiful sunsets in Starkville.

Where is your favorite spot to Eno?


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