How to Tailgate Like a Pro


Football season is in full swing and in our opinion, if you’re not tailgating, you’re doing it wrong. You may not always win the big game, but here are five sure-fire ways to win the pre-game tailgate.

Game On. Tossing bags into a hole on a board may not sound too exciting, but we all know cornhole is a game day staple. The longer you play the more glorious it becomes.

Hydration is Key. Not to sound like your mother, but we know from experience that if you pack the cooler down with the “good stuff,” you’ll be crying out for a good old-fashioned water by 3 PM. Put some bottled water and Gatorade on ice and prepare for a long day.

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Football Foodies Unite. Who doesn’t love an excuse to make a cheeseball look like a football? Luckily, Pinterest has a plethora of football-themed foods for all your game day needs. From sliders to frito pie, check out some of these tailgate treats.

Pack a Toolbox. This is a perfect way to store and transport condiments, grilling utensils, and the ever-important first aid kit. With this easy-to-carry, spill-free box of goodness, you will never be stuck without a lighter for the grill or toothpicks for your beanie weenies. Win! (Credit to Buzzfeed for this awesome idea).

The Two T’s. Last but definitely not least, pack a tent and plenty of toilet paper!  You will need some protection during a long day of sun and possible rain. Choose a tent that is easy to put up and take down so you can get to the game early. The toilet paper will come in handy if those nasty porta-pottys run out of the good stuff (and let’s face it, they always do). There is nothing that can ruin a day than getting rained on and having no TP. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Written by Lauren Woods – Aspen Heights Auburn

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