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Alright Harrisonburg folks – it looks like we are over the hump of unpredictable Valley weather, which means spring is here! It’s time to put away the Patagonia’s and Uggs, and time to whip out the Crop Tops and Chubbies (I don’t recommend combining the two). The ‘Burg is loaded with activities to do while the weather is warm, but I am here to give you all some ideas you might not have thought of yet. Today we are going to break down the 5 best springtime schemes to make sure this semester is one that’s filled with good vibes.


IMAGE: Town of Bridgewater

The Sandy Bottom Par 3 Golf Course at Bridgewater College is the perfect place for you to practice your swing on a nice sunny day. The beautiful 9-hole course sits along the North River and is only 8 miles away from the JMU Campus. What could be better than that? Oh yeah…IT’S FREE. This is the ultimate place to have a great time with no charge, so grab some friends and go college out!


IMAGE: Lowe’s

Spring time means cookouts on cookouts on cookouts. We all know everybody loves a good fire, but what you may not have known is Lowe’s sells fire pits for as low as $50. Practically a steal! Fire pits are the perfect piece for a great spring evening. Have your roommates toss you 10 bucks a piece and enjoy s’mores and hot dogs on a nightly basis!


IMAGE: Shenandoah National Park

Harrisonburg is stacked with beautiful hiking spots and parks from the Arboretum to Shenandoah National Park, but did you know UREC lets you rent out camping equipment? Just flash your JAC card and they will hook you up with a 2-4 person tent, sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Find a buddy with a truck, bring some good music, and go enjoy the neat-ure!


IMAGE: Pale Fire Brewing

Nothing says springtime like some good beer and outdoor seating. Pale Fire is one of the newest additions to the long list of excellent Virginia breweries, and lucky for us, they are a hop, sip and jump down the road! While they are a tasting room only, Food.Bar.Food. and Pure Eats deliver to the brewery. Oh, I almost forgot, they are pet friendly too. I know where you guys can find me during happy hour.


Dave's Taverna
IMAGE: Dave’s Taverna Instagram

Dave’s patio is one of the best “bang for your buck” locations in Harrisonburg. Have you ever had a steak and cheese sub on pita before? I highly doubt it, but if you have I guarantee you Dave’s tops it! Pitchers during happy hour are dirt cheap, and the view from the top of Port Republic is as majestic as a bald eagle wearing an American flag cape while whistling the national anthem.

These are merely a handful of schemes in the Harrisonburg area that should be at the top of your springtime bucket list. Harrisonburg is a great area, especially during the spring time, so leave your phone at home, grab some friends, and go explore!

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