13 Food Places You Can Score a Discount with Your Student ID


Between tuition, text books and the occasional night downtown, we’re all trying to save a couple bills wherever we can.  What a lot of students  don’t know is that your student ID can get you way more than just library books. Check out this list of popular food places to get a discount and don’t be afraid to ask local vendors what they can do to hook a student up!

1. Arby’s: Craving a late night roast beef? Save 10% off your midnight munchies.

2. Buffalo Wild Wings: Many locations offer 10% off your meal with a student ID. Go ahead and get those extra wings.

3. Burger King: Use your student ID to get 10% off your favorite meal from the King.

4. Chick-fil-a: We know you’re a regular. Next time, use your ID for a free soft drink.

5. Chipotle: All hail the mighty burrito! Score a free soft drink with your purchase.

6. Dairy Queen: Check with your local DQ to see if you get 10% off your blizzard or cone this summer.


7. Dominos: Hello, Friday Netflix night. Be sure to ask about your student discount before delivery to see what your location offers.

8. McDonalds: Enjoy that Big Mac and fries knowing you saved 10% at the golden arches.

9. Papa Johns: Discounts vary by location so don’t be shy to rep your school.

10. Pizza Hut: Using your ID at this college staple will save you 10-20% off your next pie.

11. Qdoba: Purchase a meal and you’ll receive a free drink to wash down that burrito.

12. Subway: Eat fresh and save 10% off your sandwich while you’re at it.

13. TCBY: Don’t be scared to fill your yogurt with toppings; you’ll save 15% with your student ID.


What other local places hook you up with your student ID? 



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