How to Up Your Staycation Game!


Dips in the pool, the smell of sunscreen in the air, and warm nights on a patio with a cold beer make for a perfect summer! Canít afford an expensive get away trip? Here are some ways for you to have the best staycation right at home!

1. Straighten up your place – Youíre going to be spending some quality time at home so getting the place cleaned up and smelling fresh will help keep you relaxed. Break out those gloves and get started!

2. Light some candles – Find some of your favorite scents to have around your home. Not only do they help you relax but they make your home smell amazing and make you feel like youíre in a whole new place!

3. Need a massage? – No worries! Download this app, Soothe, and you can get a massage right in your own home. Doesnít get much better than that!

4. Queue up the Netflix playlist – Not caught up on Orange is the New Black? Not sure what #TGIT is all about?! Itís time to get caught up in the social world and be the new expert in drama all of your friends go to.

5. Curl up with a good book – Nothing like a good book you just canít put down! Check out this list for a summer reading list.

6. Order in – Treat yourself! Use Favor for food delivery from anywhere you want – after all, you are on vacation!

7. Turn off the technology – Take a break and give yourself a chance to truly get away! Put away your phone and set your automatic email reply. It will all still be there when you get back from vacation.

8. Sleep under the stars – Set up a fort or tent in the backyard with tons of comfy pillows and blankets. Best part is youíll never be too far from the wifi and ice cream in the freezer! #Glamping

Most of all, remember to take this time for you. So put your feet up, breathe easy, and unwind – youíre on staycation!

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