Six Reasons Why Getting a Furry Friend is the Greatest Thing Ever


1. Constant source of love and affection: Receiving unconditional love from a furry friend is an experience that is difficult to put into words. You would have never thought you’d look forward to puppy kisses, but there are few things that compare to that heaping slice of overwhelming joy.

2. Live to please their human: Okay, so their main goal may not be to please us, but a large part of why they do certain things is to make their humans happy in order to receive a tasty treat in reward. They gain joy from the experiences they share with their humans and desire their love and affection.

3. Always a form of protection: Just as we protect the ones we love, furry friends who have grown to love their humans desire to keep you safe and sound. You are thinking, why do I need protection from my dog? It is more about gaining the satisfaction that your furry friend will always be there for you. Besides, they would not want anything to happen to the one whom feeds them daily.

4. They improve your physical well-being: Furry friends need exercise and what better excuse do you need to get yourself in shape too. Most thoroughly enjoy being outdoors and this provides the perfect opportunity to experience new adventures with your furry friend.

5. Teaches you a new realm of responsibility: Get ready to be a morning person whether you like it or not. They quickly force you to learn discipline and consistency. While some see taking responsibility as a negative thing, it is the most rewarding experience when you have a happy furry friend by your side.

6. Letís be honest, they are your best friend: Life is not lived to the fullest without a furry friend. There is no better time than the present to make the decision to get a furry friend. Take a risk and start living Ė get a FURRY FRIEND TODAY!!

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