The Seven Types of Roommates


Ah Roommates. Chances are, you’re going to have at least one in your life. They’re someone you literally can’t live without (even though sometimes, you wish you could). Now, whether this year is your first experience with roommates or you’ve had a different one for every semester you’ve been on campus, you know how much of a horror some roommates can be. Some characteristics that someone has may not match up with characteristics that you have. And that’s ok! The best thing you can do is figure out what you can and can’t live with ahead of time.

And we’ve done EXTENSIVE research to help you do that.

1. The One Who’s Never There
Whether they’re always going home or they’re just somewhere else on campus, it seems like you don’t even have a roommate. Now, this could be a blessing, but those few times they decide to occupy your room could be kind of awkward. 5 days of your own room vs. 5 min of awkward small talk. It’s pretty obvious which one is better. Take it as you wish.

2. The One Who’s Always There
?Truly, the exact opposite of the first one. It’s great if you like them but really, how long can you spend with someone in such a confined space. They spend most of their time in the room, curled up, watching Netflix, doing nothing leaving you wondering…are they even enrolled in class? If you’re like me, you want alone time. This is not the roommate for you.

3) Captain of the S.S. Passive Aggressive
?Oh please, you do ONE little thing wrong and they’ll let you know in the worst way possible. Sticky notes and 🙂 are their BFF. Either confront them or move out ASAP. Trust me on this one. Passive Aggression is the first step to tension in your room. Believe me, it’s not worth it. And if you see the signs (i.e. chore chart, shopping schedule, roommate cleaning calendar) before you’ve committed to living with them, get out ASAP.

4) Party All Day Erry’ Day (Literally)
Very similar to roommate #1. You question the state of their liver every time they come home and you’re still astonished by their next day turn around (Wine Wednesday stops for no one as they say). So unless you can keep up or the sweet sounds of vomiting and regret appeal to you, this may not be the roommate for you.

5) Two is a party, Three is a Crowd
?You didn’t quite realize that by living with them you were living with all of their best friends. It seems like they ALWAYS have someone over and sometimes, it can feel like you have no space for yourself. So unless you can get along with anyone or don’t mind moving to other places to go study, this may be a problem.

6) The Night Owl
?There will be times you wake up to go to class and they haven’t even gone to bed yet. Sometimes, you wonder if they ever sleep and the fact that they can still make it class actually astonishes you. But hey, in their eyes, sleep is for the weak.

7) The Early Bird
The fact that they have the motivation to get up for every 8am fully dressed and ready to go is shocking to the average student even after they managed a 6am workout. But hey, mad props to them. They are a rare breed.

If your roommate situation isn’t ideal having 24 hour access to a pool is. Avoid the awkward exchanges and embrace the amenities when you #LiveAtAspen

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