Renter's Insurance

If you do not have a renter’s insurance policy on file, you will have a red notification at the top of your resident portal dashboard each time you log in. You will need to either enter your policy information or enroll in a ResidentInsure* policy prior to move-in. *ResidentInsure is our preferred third-party insurance provider available through your resident portal.

If you have a renter’s insurance policy on file, but need to make a change to your information, your insurance information can be accessed through the menu tab on your resident portal dashboard. Select “Insurance” from the drop-down options to access your insurance information.

Renter’s insurance is a requirement. You may either obtain your own renter’s insurance policy –OR– possibly be eligible for coverage through your parent’s home owner’s policy.

While you may customize your individual policy to your needs, at the minimum, all policies must clearly detail the following information:

? Your name

? $100,000 liability coverage

? $10,000 personal content coverage

? Coverage for your specific address at your Aspen (unit + bed space)

? Coverage dates that coincide with your lease term dates

? Your Aspen community listed as an additional interested party (contact email

If you are interested in a ResidentInsure policy, online quotes are available through your resident portal. Simply click “Get Renter’s Insurance” on the left hand side of the screen in your portal.

If you are uploading a policy, click the “Edit Policy Information” on the right hand side of the screen in your portal. You will need an electronic copy (i.e. PDF) of your policy’s Declarations Page to upload to your account along with the data requested.