Common Home is plaguing college students nationwide. From east to west, north to south, college students are falling victim to symptoms including uncontrollable yelling at appliances, weeping upon home entry, making imaginary friends for lack of real ones, and a small amount of diarrhea. These symptoms are extremely contagious and can be passed on to roommates. Luckily Aspen is the cure. If you find you are experiencing any of these Common Home symptoms, do not seek medical attention, just call Aspen immediately. Except for the diarrhea, you should probably get that checked out.


*Common Home is not an actual disease. Common Home self-diagnosis quiz should not be considered an actual medical diagnosis. Information regarding and pertaining to “Common Home” “Cure” “Symptoms” or “Diagnosis” is satirical in nature and should not be used for medical purposes. If you experience any kind of actual medical emergency, don’t call Aspen, call the police or go to a hospital. Seriously, Aspen can’t help with real medical emergencies.