Tell Your Friends. Compete. Win $1,000.

March is for winners. That’s why we’re throwing our own bracket competition, Aspen Heights style, where a champion will be crowned, and to the victor will go the spoils. In this case, a thousand bucks!

Starting now, we’ll pick 32 people in Stillwater. If selected, you’ll have about 3 weeks to get as many of your friends through the doors of Aspen Heights to see what we’re about.

  • To win $1,000, just get your friends to take a tour and mention your name. 1 tour from a friend = 1 point. Whoever wins the most points will win $1,000.
  • Plus, if a friend signs a lease, you’ll win $100 cash for each lease. 1 signed lease from a friend = $100 in your pocket.

You’ll go head-to-head weekly and each week you’ll advance as long as you get more people through the door than your opposing team! We announce our bracket on Selection Sunday, March 15th, 2015.

*Our bracket has been chosen. We are no longer accepting entries.