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Customer Reviews of Aspen Heights Stillwater



“I love Aspen Heights, such friendly staff and beautiful homes! You never have to leave to have a good time, renewing my lease was the best idea! Such a great community.” Madison, Resident
“I absolutely love Aspen Heights and would recommend them to any OSU student. I have lived here this past year and have never had any problems at all. The bedrooms are huge and so are the closets here. They really take great care of the tanning beds and gym as they are always clean. During this year I only had one maintenance issue which was the water heater broke and they had it fixed that day, Also I accidentally locked myself out of my room after hours and the maintenance man was at my house in less than 15 minutes! The staff here is always friendly and will help you with any questions that you have. There is constantly some kind of event going on in that clubhouse and I can’t even count the number of texts that I have gotten during this year announcing they are serving free food. I have lived different places in Stillwater, OK and this is the best by far!” – Kaitlyn, Resident
“If you are an OSU student looking for a great housing complex, choose Aspen Heights Stillwater. This apartment complex is so much better than anywhere else I have lived in here! There is valet trash pickup, a private bus system that runs on weekdays to and from campus as well as Thursday Friday and Saturday nights to the bars on the Strip, free tanning, and an awesome pool and hot tub to enjoy. The staff is always giving out stuff to cheer up your day because they really car about their residents! There is truly no comparison!” – Danielle, Resident