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Customer Reviews of Aspen Heights Starkville


“I love Aspen Heights and their staff especially. They are so great at trying to help solve problems as best as they can! If you want an example: today, my father drove 2 1/2 hrs to fix my battery in my vehicle so of course, he had limited tools. We called the clubhouse (10 min before closing) to ask for a tool he needed; low and behold, 5 min before they had to leave, they came in to save the day! This is one of the 100 reasons why I’m thankful I am an AH resident. Long story short: they are awesome and they deserve more credit!” Adelle, Resident


“I have enjoyed my experience here at Aspen Heights Starkville. We have so many free things that help to make this a fun place to live. The gym, pool, and tanning have been so nice to use. My roommates and I especially love being able to tan here. tanning is expensive and it is great to have it included in our rent! The staff is the best! When I have experienced problems, they are very quick to act! The shuttle to and from campus is so useful. I really enjoy living here.” – Rebecca, Resident


“Aspen Heights has been the Dream place to live for in Starkville for most college students. Moving here was the best decision I could have made. Not only are the houses nice and roomie but Aspen Heights go out of their way to make sure we enjoy our time here, from giveaways, to pool parties, to Halloween movie and hotdogs on the lawn, they do their best to make ever Student happy and feel right at home. Aspen Heights is exactly where you wanna live when moving to Starkville.” – Brooke, Resident