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Customer Reviews of Aspen Heights San Antonio


“AHSA is a beautiful place to live in. The houses are spacious, and the porch swings are probably my favorite feature. Walking distance from the Leon Creek trails is a also huge plus. The maintenance team fixes any issues right away, and the front desk always tries to be as helpful as they can be. Unfortunately, some issues they refer to corporate which means you’re more that likely out of luck. They make very good use of social media to keep things interesting (contests, giveaways) and alert the residents of any problems (shuttle, etc).” Cecilia, Resident


“First and foremost let me just say I would not live anywhere else other than at Aspen Heights. I am a senior in college and have been away from home at UTSA for nearly four years now. In this time I have had ample time to experience first hand the good and bad of student living.

Aspen Heights is quality in it’s management, amenities, location, and affordability. Living in a three bedroom house, I pay just under $600 and couldn’t be happier with the size of my room, closet, kitchen, and living room. I previously lived in a popular apartment complex before aspen heights and was very dissatisfied with the management and staff who did not make us residents feel like we were a priority. In contrast, everyone on the Aspen Heights staff is extremely helpful who not only continuously go above and beyond but seemingly enjoy doing it. I once ran out of gas just outside of the complex and Travis and Frito, two staff members, brought me a tank of gas used by their maintenance crew so I could make it to a gas station. In that moment I realized I would continue to sign my leases here until I graduate…[cont.]” – Andrew, Resident


“Great student housing community with a great, helpful staff and awesome amenities. The homes are large and the concrete floors on the bottom floor are very easy to maintain and clean, as well as look great. The bedrooms are also very large, much larger than any other student housing on the market.” – Tyler, Resident