Two Bedroom

  • Aspen


    Limited Availability

    Named after an iconic city for its space and design, all five letters in ASPEN would be a safe choice in the final round of Wheel of Fortune. *Per Bedroom Rate

  • Limited Availability

    Likes: Large closets, privacy, space for living, lattes and thoughtful gestures. Dislikes: Wily cats, hurricanes and traffic jams. My name is Keystone, and I'm looking for a match. *Per Bedroom Rate.

Three Bedroom

  • Frisco


    Limited Availability

    Given the option, almost any guy would like to be nicknamed "Frisco". Anyway, it has a massive downstairs space for friends to relax and is a great value to boot. *Per Bedroom Rate.

  • Limited Availability

    Telluride, Colorado was settled because they thought there was gold there. There wasn't. To right that wrong, we decided to build a fantastic spacious home as precious as the metals they sought. *Per Bedroom Rate

Four Bedroom

  • Available

    We once had a resident who made the closet his bedroom. It’s that big. Do you know what else is big? Boulders. Aha, now you're onto it. *Per Bedroom Rate.

  • Available

    Our biggest bedrooms and closets are big enough for a magician's entire act. The open kitchen might even inspire you to make some pumpkin bread. In that case, invite us over. *Per Bedroom Rate.

  • Vail



    The boomerang was probably invented by a guy who loved playing frisbee but didn't have any friends. With 4 large bedrooms and spacious common areas, you'll never feel alone here. *Per Bedroom Rate.

Five Bedroom

  • Available

    Which is stronger - a bear made of cast iron or a titanium condor? You'll have plenty of space to test both sides of the argument in our massive 5-bedroom cottage. *Per Bedroom Rate.

  • Available

    Barring a horrible accident, this house has half as many bedrooms as you do fingers, which is good, because you'll need full dexterity for all the cartwheels you can do in a space this big. *Per Bedroom Rate.