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This summer seems to be the summer of sequels for Hollywood but hey – we’re not complaining. With some of the biggest stars hitting the big screen, these movies are sure to be nothing short of amazing. Here is our guide to the films you won’t want to miss this summer and why you should buy your tickets early.

Now You See Me: The Second Act

now you

Release Date: June 10

Anytime Morgan Freeman’s ominous voice overshadows a movie trailer you know it’s going to be a hit. Along with Freeman, stars like Daniel Radcliffe, Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Mark Ruffalo, and Woody Harrelson bring us a sequel to one of the coolest magician movies to hit theaters (yes, magicians can be cool, guys). In fact, IMDB gave the first Now You See Me 7/10 stars which is no easy feat. Trust us, even if you don’t believe in magic you’ll enjoy the action and trickery in this film. I mean come on, he makes rain go backwards.

Conjuring 2


Release Date: June 10

We love a good poltergeist movie and it looks like Conjuring 2 will absolutely deliver. Ed and Lorraine Warren are back investigating a weird disturbance known in real life as the House of Strange Happenings in Enfield, where an elderly man spoke through 11-year-old Janet. While the real story is known to have more than a few skeptics, the same director from the first Conjuring movie is back to scare everyone into sleeping with their childhood teddy bears. So if you’re okay with Hollywood exaggerating another real paranormal story we will see you June 10!

Finding Dory


Release Date: June 17

Do I even need to convince you to see this? Finding Dory takes place 6 months after Nemo and Marlin are reunited and we already know to bring the tissues. Dory finally remembers her parents and runs off to find them, so we can’t wait to see all the friends she had growing up (how DID she learn whale??). Although you will be sharing the theater with people of literally all ages, Pixar never disappoints.

Independence Day Resurgence 


Release Date: June 24

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Will Smith saved the world? The aliens who were destroyed in the first movie managed to send out a stress signal into the galaxy to ask for help and it’s finally been heard. Jeff Goldblum returns with stars like Liam Hemsworth (that’s right ladies) and Jessie Usher who will play Will Smith’s son. Also available in IMAX 3D, Independence Day Resurgence looks like it will be action packed from beginning to end so grab the extra-large popcorn!

Legend of Tarzan


Release Date: July 1

Alexander Skarsgård plays the King of the Jungle in this sequel to one of our favorite Disney movies. He’s accompanied by Margot Robbie as Jane and they run into trouble when Tarzan returns to where he was raised. We have high hopes for this movie because 1. It’s TARZAN and 2. It’s directed by David Yates, the director of the last four Harry Potter movies. I, for one, will be extremely upset if Terk doesn’t at least make an appearance.

Jason Bourne


Release Date: July 29

Matt Damon is back (que slow clap) with director Paul Greengrass to rock the screen in the 5th installment of the Bourne series. I already told you why it’s going to be awesome – MATT DAMON. Sorry Renner, but Bourne Legacy just didn’t live up to expectations. Time to get some answers from the real Jason Bourne.

Suicide Squad


Release Date: August 5

It’s disheartening to know this movie won’t come out until August because it looks incredible. DC Comics turns the tables on what it takes to save the world by utilizing supervillains like Harley Quinn (girl power, yes!), Deadshot, and Joker. It’s not short on stars either. Margot Robbie puts down the loincloth and joins others like Will Smith, Jared Leto, Cara Delevingne, Viola Davis, Joel Kinnaman, and Jai Courtney in this sure-to-be blockbuster hit. Warner Bros. has also started talking about multiple spin-offs, so we don’t think this unruly group is going anywhere anytime soon.


Written by Heidi Thomas

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