Meeting is the best part.

Sponsoring is child is so much more than sending an occasional card. You give that child a chance at a better education, uniforms & health care. All of our team members have met at least one of their sponsored children since we’ve been here. When we show up, we are welcomed into their home with a huge, warm welcome. We come with gifts not only for the child but enough food to feed the entire family for a month!

The team at Africa New Life has walked us through their offices and shown us a behind the scenes look at how sponsorship  works. Each child is required to write you a thank you letter when you send them a gift. They also personally update you on their school and family. The social workers, nurses and staff check in to make sure that the child is healthy and safe.

We are all 1,000% on board with sponsorship and we’ve seen the results first hand. Please come speak with us & we’d be happy to tell you all about it!


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