8 Things Nobody Tells You About Living in Your First House


You’re almost ready to move into your house at Aspen and we are just as excited as you are! That being said, living in your first home comes with a whole new set of responsibilities. Luckily, you’ve got Aspen on your side. Remember these 10 things when you’re adjusting to life on your own.

1.) You won’t realize you’re missing essential items until you desperately need them. Friendly reminder: buy a pizza cutter NOW.

2.) You may have to skip a Friday night at the bars to buy groceries. No more raiding your parent’s cabinets and living off cereal from the dining hall.

3.) Yes, you have to buy the boring stuff too. This means toilet paper and dish soap.

4.) Putting together your own furniture? Do yourself a favor and grab a cold one to accompany you on this journey. You could be sitting on your living room floor for days.


5.) A shared fridge can get ridiculously out of control in no time. Designate shelves for your own food and don’t touch without asking!

6.) Responsibility becomes a lot more real. This means paying bills on time, cleaning up after yourself and remembering to lock your door, all while trying to maintain a decent GPA.

7.) Attempting to share the household chores can be a chore in itself. Make sure to pull your weight so you’re not “that” roommate.

8.) The compromise struggle is real. You have an 8 AM final tomorrow and your roommate invites the whole neighborhood over for the after party? Set some ground rules.

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