Kappa Kappa Gamma wins $6,000 for Girls Academy


In October 2015, 232 student-led organizations went head to head in Compete Your Cause through Aspen Heights Awake. The first phase of contest was hosted at fourteen universities across the United States and fourteen organizations won $1,000 for their causes!  The winners then moved on to the national round, competing for a grand prize of $5,000 for their cause.

We’d like to congratulate the ladies of Kappa Kappa Gamma of Statesboro, Georgia for winning a total of $6,000 for their cause, GIRLS Academy!


It’s not easy being a tween. Faced with means girls and unrealistic ideals and images, seven out of ten middle school girls feel like they do not measure up in some way.  Developed by Kappa Kappa Gamma, GIRLS Academy seeks to provide a sense of empowerment for these young women through a values-based curriculum. Here’s what makes a couple of their members so passionate about this cause:

“With the standards of “beauty” being so skewed, it can be hard for young girls to feel like they are beautiful and worth it. I hope to show girls that their imperfections are what make them beautiful and unique; striving to be the best possible “you” instead of trying to be like the girl sitting next to you.” -Michelle Pratt

“I’m so excited to work with middle school girls because I remember how awkward and uncomfortable it was for me. I know if I would have had an opportunity to participate in an organization like this I would have benefitted so much. It would have made me realize that things get better and that everyone is just as unsure and uncomfortable as me. I am looking forward to providing girls with a more positive experience and giving them more self confidence!” -Kendall Schwahn

Learn more about how GIRLS Academy is making a difference: aspnhts.com/GirlsAcademy

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