Help! I’m Stuck in Clemson for the Summer

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Exams are done, the streets are empty, and you’re now spending your long hot days in Clemson, SC. Maybe you didn’t do so well in that math class. Maybe you
expected all your friends to stick around only to find out they all have internships and vacations to attend.  Whatever your reason for staying, we are sure you have realized by now that Clemson is not nearly as poppin’ as it is during the school year. Fear not, we’ve got you covered for making the most of your summer in Clemson.

1. Go to Y Beach. Clemson is a school built on a lake, so make the most of it! Y beach has 2 docks, a volley ball net, a disc golf course, and free kayak rentals for students. 

2. Go hiking. South Carolina is home to some beautiful waterfalls just waiting to be discovered! Check out for inspiration on where to plan your next adventure. 

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. Have a picnic on Bowman Field
. Bring your friends. Bring some food. Bring a frisbee. You can even bring Fido.

4. Pick fresh berries. South Carolina grows some amazing produce and you can pick it yourself! The Happy Berry has directions and all the information you need to start making the freshest blueberry pies. (And the Aspen Heights staff will gladly taste test them for you)

5. Explore G-Vegas. Also known as Greenville. Take a stroll through Falls Park. Check out the Greenville Zoo or one of the many museums in the area. Not to mention Greenville has some of the best shopping and restaurant options in the Upstate. Or, if you feel like traveling out there on a Saturday morning, you can attend the TD Saturday market on Main Street. You won’t be sorry!

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6. Cool off with ice cream from Spill The Beans. This downtown favorite is hidden on the back side of Todaro’s Pizza and eating dessert here is basically a requirement to graduate from Clemson University. You can also find a Spill The Beans in G-Vegas.

7. Netflix. And on those days you truly just do not feel like moving from the couch, you could always binge watch Netflix without judgement. This option usually includes air conditioning, which is a plus.

So the next time you find yourself “stuck in Clemson for the summer,” remember that there is much more to do around here than you realize. You’re welcome.

Written by: Heidi Thomas – Aspen Heights Clemson

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