Health & Fitness Tips for the Busy Student

Health & Fitness Tips

The average student spends most of their day going to class, working, studying, and binge watching Netflix. But did you know exercising helps you study by boosting brain power, sharping memory, reduce stress levels, and tap into creativity? If you’re wondering how to make this possible, we’ve listed out a few prefect exercises for you.

Summer Ready Baby
Don’t feel bad, here are some easy at home workouts to get you summer ready:

Jump Squat

Jump squats – the easiest exercise in which help you tone your things, legs, and helps. Including jump squats in your workout routine helps in toning down the body, weight lost, improve balance, and body strength.


Burpees – the exercise that everyone loves to hate however, they offer so many benefits. Burpees are one of the best total body exercises that targets every muscle group. You can actually burn more calories in less time. They are a great addition to any work out and they help build your endurance tremendously.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbing – a great short yet challenging exercise which tones your legs and abdomens. It’s important that you contract your abdomen as your feet jump and switch positions. Switch the feet fast in order to attain a good cardio work.


Planking – popular for a core strengthening excise, and for a good reason. It tones your belly, reduce back pain, builds strength and flexibility and improves balance. This may come as a surprise but planks actually improve your mood. They stretch and relax muscle groups that often become tense from prolonged sitting. The tension release from planks provide an uplifting for your spirit.

The largest portion of achieving your healthy lifestyle is eating healthy. 80% of what you eat plays a key role in achieving your goals. Simply choosing the healthier meal option will go a long way. Eating healthy will boost your energy for those long all-night study sessions.

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