12 Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget

We’ve all been there. You’re broke, you’re hungry, and you spent the last of your money for the month at the bar on Saturday night.  While you may have overdone it on the half price appetizers at happy hour, you can still buy food for the week that’s in your budget. Remember these twelve tips next time you and your roommates make a grocery store run.

1. Never go grocery shopping hungry. Studies show that shopping on an empty stomach increases your likelihood of blowing your grocery budget.
2. Prepare in advance and make a shopping list. Having a list will help you to avoid impulse purchases and unnecessary items. Do you really need another jar of Nutella?
3. Don’t be a brand snob. Many of the national brands have a huge mark-up. Save big by purchasing generic brand items.
4. Coupons, coupons, coupons! Grab a copy of your local sunday paper and clip coupons of your favorite snacks, laundry detergent, etc.
5. Check out your local discount stores. Stores like Dollar Tree, Dollar General and Aldi can save you a ton of cash!
6. Purchase in Bulk. Try buying everyday items such as paper towels and toilet paper in bulk from your local Sam’s Club or Costco. Pool your cash together and your house will be stocked for months.
7. Get a local discount card. Most grocery stores offer a discount card you scan at checkout to save on every day items. Take a lap around the store to see what’s on sale that week.
8. Make weekly trips for produce. Buy produce and things that can easily go bad once a week so nothing goes to waste.  Produce that is in season will be your cheapest option.
9. Learn to love your leftovers! Who doesn’t love cold pizza? This will save you time and money.
10. Ramen noodles are your friend. At around 12 cents a piece, this college staple is a necessity! Want to upgrade your noodles? Check out these Ramen hacks.
11. Attend on-campus events. Trust us, there is always free food!
12. If none of the above work, you can always just raid your parents pantry!


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