Dream a little dream of me.

“Washing my hands, washing my hands, washing my hands.” This is the super orginal song that I taught a small group of 5 & 6 year old Dream Center boys. We discussed the importance of personal hygiene and used the song to keep track of the amount of time they should spend lathering the soap.

The 50 students at the Africa New Life Dream Center are very well behaved little guys who come from the poorest of families and are more likely to become street kids. Africa New Life teaches them proper actions, manners and how to present themselves in good hygiene and dress. Without this program to help them transition into school, they would have very little chance for sucess.

Along with my team members we led small groups. We taught basic English lessons, personal hygiene and the importance of sharing. And of course, we had time for fun! Lets just say that these guys looooooove bubbles and I was the bubble Queen.

Tomorrow we will travel to Kayonza to teach a one day entrepreneurship class to a group of high schoolers.

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