Columbia Utilities


1. Do I need to pay my City of Columbia Bill?

Yes. The utility guarantee is between the resident and Aspen Heights. Therefore, any credit due to the resident will be reflected on the resident account ledger with Aspen Heights.

2. What do I do if I haven’t set up my utilities yet?

All residents are required to establish electric service with the City of Columbia. If a resident has not done so, they will not be eligible for the program until AH receives verification that the transfer has occurred. Once the resident provides the appropriate verification, AH will issue the appropriate credits. Note that AH receives the electric bills for all accounts that have not been transferred. Late fees and penalties that have been applied to non-transferred accounts are still due.

3. How will I be reimbursed?

A credit will be applied to the resident rental ledger

4. What if my electric usage is over $75 after February’s bill?

At this time, the resident cap program is for service periods Dec-Feb.

5. Which bill is the December, January and February bill?

November to December = “December”
December to January = “January”
January to February = “February”

6. How do I know I’m being credited the right amount? Are you going to prove that I am?

Credits will be issued based on the total of the actual bill provided by the resident. If the resident cap is $75 and the bill is $100, the credit to the rent will be $25.

7. When should I expect to see a credit on my account?

We will do our best to have credits issued for each period prior to the next month’s first of month billing (rent due).

8. What do I do if I believe my credit amount is wrong?

Residents can send an email to

9. What if the utilities are in my name and my roommates are not paying me for their portion due?

Only the resident on the account will be credited.

10. What does the process look like for residents who haven’t set-up utilities before December?

You will be credited by the bed space since you were billed by the bed vs. having one bill with the city of Columbia.

11. What if I’ve prepaid my rent through May/June/July?

Only if you have prepaid your rent through the end of your lease, check the box in the form to notate this in our records.