8 Tips to DIY on a Budget

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Being a college student is not a cheap or easy task. So when it comes to decorating the safe haven we like to call home, why spend a fortune when you can DO IT YOURSELF? Decorating on a budget isn’t about being cheap, it’s about being smart. Put your creative side and shoestring-budget to the test with these easy, DIY tips and projects.

1. Unless you want your room looking like Lisa Frank threw up the whole Crayola box on your walls, begin with a color scheme in mind. Use an accent color if you plan on sticking to neutrals.

2. No headboard? No problem! Using wood palettes found at your local hardware store, you can whip one up that is Pinterest-worthy. For mine, I coated it with black chalk paint and covered it with silk-like flowers for a grand total cost of $50.


3. Organize your jewelry and add décor to your room simultaneously. With a pair of antlers and gold spray paint I now have a $4 piece that is beautiful and functional.

4. See the possibilities in other objects. I added two small antlered deer heads next to my closet that are actually Christmas ornaments! These were purchased from Hobby Lobby and spray painted metallic to match my other décor.

5. Do your homework. It’s amazing what you can find for bargain prices, so shop around to get the best deal on fabrics and materials for your projects. Grab your roomies, make a day of it and have a craft night.


6. Turn an old side table into something new. With 2 yards of fabric, I draped my bedside table for a cost of $10. This not only creates an attractive cover, but it also provides a hidden storage space underneath.

7. Decorating on a budget is always a work in progress. Don’t pressure yourself to do it all at once. I’m always on the lookout for great deals at local flea markets, second hand shops, and bargain stores like Ross and Marshalls.

8. Pinterest is your BFF. Frequent internet sites like Pinterest for a little inspiration, and don’t just see things for what they are, but for what they can be.

These tips have helped me create some pretty amazing things with less than $75 so far. Wishing you the best of luck on all your future DIY adventures.

Written by Megan Guerra – Aspen San Marcos

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