Design on a Dime


So, you’ve made it to Aspen and you’re finally living the luxurious life… but if you think you’re stuck with all your grungy freshman year dorm supplies, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with easy and affordable steps to give your new space a little flare!

1. Let’s be honest, we are all really little kids at heart. Who didn’t love playing with refrigerator magnets when they were growing up? Here’s an easy, affordable way to make your kitchen chic and unique!


Step 1: Buy a package of plastic, magnetic letters; a can of plastic spray paint primer; and a can of metallic spray paint.

Step 2: Lay out some plastic or newspaper so you don’t make a mess; spread out your letters; add one coat of plastic primer; and let dry.

Step 3: Coat your letters in 1-2 coats of metallic spray paint and let dry.

Step 4: Leave a cute message for your roomie on the fridge!

2. A good rug has the ability to add some serious personality to any room. Only catch? Good rugs can really break the bank. Don’t worry, spray paint will save you! Can you tell we love it? We’ll show you to take a cheap rug from plain and boring, to fun and exciting!


Step 1: Purchase a plain colored inexpensive rug; fabric spray paint of your choosing; painter’s tape; and either a ruler or a stencil, depending on your choice of design.

Step 2: Make sure the rug is clean; use your ruler and/or stencil to lay out the design on your rug and secure it with the painter’s tape.

Step 3: Spray away! Be careful to make sure the paint is only getting where you want it. Let dry. Repeat.

Step 4: Enjoy your revamped rug!

3. Love your wine? Us too! Now we have an excuse for you to drink more of it! Spice up the idea of a traditional cork board by making one out of your used wine corks.


Step 1: Save all of your corks, until you have enough to make whatever size board you prefer. This may take some people longer than others. You’ll also need some heavy duty super glue.

Step 2: Glue all of your pieces and let dry.

Step 3: Get some thumb tacks, cute pictures, and enjoy!

4. Pallets are the newest “in” thing for DIY, and we’re pretty sure coffee has always been “in” for pretty much every college student. When you marry the two, you can make yourself a super easy shrine to the beverage that keeps you running through finals.


Step 1: Get yourself a pallet (usually you can usually take these for free from your local hardware store, just ask); some paint; and a few knobs and screws.

Step 2: Decorate however you would like; attach screws; and hang on the wall.

Step 3: Enjoy your brew every morning!

5. Okay we have a confession… spray paint really might be our favorite thing. Use this easy fix to spice up your bathroom.


Step 1: Find yourself a cute shower curtain; purchase some stencils and spray paint.

Step 2: Pick your favorite Beyonce quote.

Step 4: Apply the stencils; spray paint; let dry.

Step 5: Let Bey inspire you every morning before you shower!

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