5 Things You Can Do With Your West Campus Roommates


Youíre about to embark on your own for the next four years of college and youíve scored a spot at the best Austin student apartment, Aspen Heights West Campus. This is one of the trendiest areas in the country, so youíre incredibly lucky. You want to make as many new friends as you can, especially your roommates.

How do you break the ice? Check out our list of five canít-miss things to do with your soon to be Aspen Heights West Campus roommates.

1. Cue up Netflix and Binge House of Cards

Netflix binges are a way of life, but just which shows do your UT roomies like? Thereís only one way to find out. Turn on House of Cards, Stranger Things, Orange Is the New Black, or even a classic like Breaking Bad to see which is the favorite in your new home!

2. Dinner parties!

Okay, now that the most important stuff is out of the way, itís time to discuss dining preferences. After all, everyone wants to avoid the Freshman 15, which means limiting cafeteria dining. Your Aspen Heights home has an amazing kitchen that youíll want to take advantage of. All your west campus friends will be super jealous.

So whatís on the menu tonight? Maybe itís something classy like avocado toast, an exotic dish like empanadas, or even the healthfulness and simplicity of homemade veggie chips.

3. Bust out Cards Against Humanity.

Everyone knows about Cards Against Humanity, the hilarious card game where you fill in the blanks to try to come up with the most side-splitting answers. This game tends to reveal a personís dark side fast, which is a great way to get comfortable with your new Aspen Heights roommates.

Even better? If youíre a little shy around new people, the game has an aspect of anonymity, in that you donít always have to reveal which answer you played. That makes Cards Against Humanity a must-have game for your early college days.

4. Compare Dating Apps

Yeah, okay, everyone knows about Tinder by now. Itís old news. When youíre not busy swiping left or right on the hot student body, which other dating apps do you use? You might want to ask your new roommates.

There are plenty of other choices out there, from bigger (but still free) platforms like OkCupid to smaller but growing apps like Coffee Meets Bagel and Bumble. Not single? Many of these apps let you look for friends, too, so you donít have to miss out on the fun.

5. Invent new drinking games

As long as youíre responsible and of drinking age, a night of drinking will loosen everyoneís shy streak. Youíll hear stories and secrets flying around left and right, so keep your ears open.

No matter how you plan on enjoying your night, thereís an app that will make it even better. You can use your smartphone to find bars in the west campus area, but of course, you have to be 21 and older to enter. Your phone can also teach you basic drink recipes and introduce you to new drinking games besides Kingís Cup and beer pong.

If youíre newly single, there are even apps that can temporarily ban your exís number so you donít make any drunken mistakes. Phew!

At Aspen Heights West Campus, student living comfort is the top priority. This student apartment has worked to ďrevolutionize student housingĒ through its high customer service standard. Here, students are accepted as budding adults, not bumbling children.

Aspen Heights has received the Student Housing Business 2014, 2015, and 2016 Innovator Awards and the Association for Corporate Growth 2015 award. Students can choose from more than 22 trendy off-campus developments, some that are as new as 2016.

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