4 Best places to volunteer around College Station, TX

Thereís no shortage of ways to occupy the time of the typical college student in College Station, TX. There are clubs and committees to join, restaurants to visit, stores to patronize. The College Station area offers plenty of entertainment venues plus outdoor recreation opportunities. Donít forget your classes!

But students who want to do more to give back can find a variety of activities. Volunteering your time, especially at a non-profit, can be rewarding in many ways.

If youíre interested in getting started in the College Station area, check out these options.

1. Try not to fall in love with the pets Bryan Animal Shelter. †

Can you resist the cuteness? Good luck! You can certainly help unwanted pets find new homes, or reunite lost pets and their people. The shelter always welcomes people willing to help with events or help the place look great and stay sanitary.

2. Be a role model for an hour at the Boys and Girls Club.

More than 2,000 youth in the Brazos Valley are served annually by this organization. It began in 1959 and is part of a national organization that goes back to 1860. The program focuses on teaching life skills plus other positive values to youth. It also offers a variety of academic and athletic programs. Volunteers are a vital part of the effort, and can be asked to do everything from help with events to administrative tasks. Thereís always a need in the Homework Room, the game room and the gym. Many local college students also find it a convenient and enjoyable way to give back.

3. Spread love and food at the Brazos County Food Bank.

Itís not news that the need for food security in the region has never been greater, but you can do something about it by helping this organization provide food and supplies to residents of six surrounding counties. Volunteers can help with Mobile Pantries, fill backpacks for kids, and share food with patrons and help with other needs. Volunteers play an important role in aiding their communities.

4.Find your true volunteering passion at Still Creek Ranch†in College Station.

Children in crisis situations have been helped by this supportive program since 1988. They receive food, shelter and opportunities to participate in a variety of activities, including sports and horseback riding. Volunteers can assist in the kitchens, tutor at the on-site school, or general maintenance needs. People with equine experience can get involved in teaching horse classes or working in the stable.


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