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Happy Tuesday (that feels like Thursday) Aspenites!

Quotse of the Day:

“How to rob a bank” –a random guy’s google search. Guess what he did next…

“I still got Pandora with commercials” – Lebron James, who’s a multi-billionaire, still hears ‘hey Pandora listeners’ every four songs.


  1. Yesterday, the astronomy community said that it recently witnessed an out-of-this-world (pun intended) interstellar event. Neuron stars collide. These type of collisions is where gold and platinum comes from. High key all that gold jewelry was created by stars colliding. Pretty woke.
  2. Owners of the ‘breaking bad’ house put up a fence to stop pizza-throwing fans. Yes, you read right. First…. Why would anyone buy that house knowing it housed one of the (arguably) best shows of our time and expect peace and quiet… Secondly… having a 6-foot iron fence around your house (Nah thanks)
  3. For those of you getting tired of chopped…If you haven’t yet, you need to check out: the great British Baking Show” on Netflix. Because why not…
  4. Today and tomorrow NFL owners get together in NYC for their annual fall meeting. On the agenda… change NFL policy and making players stand during the national anthem? We’ll see!!!
  5. Tonight: pro baseball is back on the court… The NBA seasonal kickoff with a rematch of this year’s eastern finalists: Boston Celtics vs. Cavaliers.
  6. America’s Best Cities for Fall Travel: Denver, Colorado | Nashville, Tennessee  | Portland, Maine  |  New York  |  Santa Barbara, Cali

Word of the Day:


“-Pretendergy; “Pretending to have energy” Running on fumes from staying up all night, And pretending it didn’t happen the next day at a family dinner.”

“-I am actually exhausted this is just Pretendergy”

Meme of the Day:


Aspen Girl

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