Best Study Spots in Austin

Pic Credit: Cream Whiskers

Cream Whiskers:  

We are always an advocate for Cream Whiskers! Not only does it have excellent wifi, plenty of seating, and mood lighting, but it also offers delicious cream puffs and coffee – perfect for a snack break. If you like quieter atmospheres with space to spread out, you should give this place a try! It’s even walking distance from the UT campus, making it the perfect study stop. And did we mention it’s absolutely adorable? #perfectphotoop

Pic Credit: Yelp

La Tazza Fresca: 

A little further from campus, La Tazza is a laid back coffee shop that also offers some delicious treats (we’re talking homemade pizza!). It has free wifi, mood lighting, couches, an outside patio, and a handful of board games to play during study breaks. This place can get a little crowded during certain times of the day, but since it is open until midnight, you’re able to have a late night study session without a problem. We recommend getting the iced chai latte and veggie pizza!

Pic Credit: Michelle Edmonds Photography


Flightpath is located on Duval street, north of the UT campus. Although it is further away, we still recommend giving it a shot! The reason we say this is because there is a huge back patio with plenty of seating and mood lighting. Depending on the time of day, the inside will fill up pretty quickly, but just find yourself a space outside! Of course, free wifi and coffee will get you through your studies and if you feel like kicking back for a while, you can always find space on a cozy couch.

Pro tip: Just remember to wear some bug spray if you tend to attract mosquitoes. The patio is in surrounded by shrubbery– combine that and Austin humidity and you get mosquito heaven!

Pic Credit: A Latte Talk About


Ok, ok, we know this is a super typical spot to add to our list. But we can’t help it! Who doesn’t like Mozarts?? It is right on Lake Austin and there is always a seat readily available near the water. Wifi can be occasionally iffy, but come in the evening and you may be serenaded by some live music.

Pic Credit: The Austinot

Red River Café:

We love Red River Café. The food is cheap and delicious, the waiters and waitresses are super nice, and it is a calm, quiet, relaxing place. There is an outside patio if that floats your boat and always room inside too if it doesn’t. Even if you don’t go there to study, you should still check it out.

Pic Credit: Culture Map ATX

Bennu Coffee:

This 24 hour coffee shop is definitely one of the more popular places to study in Austin.  While this does tend to make it a bit crowded at some hours during the day, it still has a cool vibe worth checking out. Another cool fact about this place is that it is right across the street from the “You’re my BUTTER half” wall art. Such a cute place to take a pic with your friends/ family / significant other.

Pic Credit: UT Libraries Blogs

Business school, Welch, PCL, Life Science Library: 

What better place to study than on campus itself? Literally any library, study lounge, empty classroom you can get into is a perfect place to cram in studying between classes or during the weekend. If you decide to head to the PCL, the 3rd and 4th floors are pretty quiet with their sectioned off cubicles, but the 5th floor can get pretty noisy because that is where a lot of group study happens.


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