Back at the Boys & Girls Club

As our values at Aspen Heights continue to evolve, one thing will always remain constant; our mission to cultivate human potential and add value to our world. Putting an emphasis on community service, we had the privilege of hanging out with the children of Boys and Girls Clubs of Austin for the afternoon last week. As Austin’s leading youth development agency, they have 23 clubs in the city alone and help over 12,000 kids each year.

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While the kids quietly ate their ice cream bars, we went down the line of volunteers and introduced ourselves including our positions at Aspen Heights. When we got to the end, Greg Henry, our CEO asked the kids, “How many of you want to go to college someday?” They all responded with a raised hand. He followed up by saying, “If you go to college, you could live at one of our properties and maybe even work at Aspen Heights some day.” To see the excitement on their faces was inspiring.


As we played checkers and kickball, did word searches and puzzles with the kids, one thing became very evident; they looked up to us and wanted to connect with us. They wanted to tell us all about their day and what was going on in their lives. They asked if we could come back and play tomorrow. Every child needs a positive role model and it goes to show that any time you volunteer, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact.

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For more information about volunteering at the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, visit:


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