We’re so excited that you are renewing your lease at Aspen! Please follow these simple steps to complete the renewal process.

1. Log in to your resident portal

2. Click “It’s Time to Renew”

3. Select your Lease Term


*These fields will populate once you select your lease term. Review the info, then click “Save & Continue.”

4. Review Add-on Information and select “Save & Continue”

*Review Occupant Info, then click “Save & Continue.”


5. Review Personal Info and Pet Info (if applicable), then click “Save & Continue.”


6. Once you’ve  approved to the Terms & Conditions, click “Complete Renewal.”


7. Lease time!  Once you agree to the Terms & Conditions, click “Begin Online Lease.”

*If for some reason you need to exit the lease, you may do so at this time. Your process to this point will be saved, and you can return to your lease from your resident portal dashboard.


After you electronically sign your lease, your home is officially renewed — CONGRATULATIONS!

Renew Your Lease Today!