Can you:

  • dress like an elf and jingle tinsel like nobody’s business?
  • juggle 5 chainsaws while whistling yankee doodle do?
  • sing to an opera with the bravado of the gods?

or none of these things?  Even better!

We are inviting people who will be attending the Aspen Engage event to sign up and compete in the 2015 Talent/No-Talent Contest. What you choose to do live at the Aspen Engage event is up to you, the only requirement is that it relates loosely to one of our four company values (Creativity, Connection, Leadership, & Performance). Perhaps you will want to sing a song, perform a skit, dance routine, lip-sync, or any other art form you can imagine to express a behavior, definition, or value. The ELT will be performing something magical of their own.



  • First prize team or individual will receive $500 for an activity of their choosing, plus 1 PTO day per person
  • Second prize is $250 for an activity, plus 1 PTO day per person
  • Third prize is 1 PTO day per person


  • Time limit: 5 min max
  • Winners of the competition will be selected by audience vote at the event.