Africa Trip – DAY 3

Hello friends! We have made our way to the completion of Day Three, and what a day it has been! As you may or may not know by now, the Aspen Heights Awake team has partnered with the “These Numbers Have Faces (TNHF)” organization to form a mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationship to provide educational and business opportunities for their students.

As part of the educational component, the Aspen Heights Awake team was given a special opportunity to team together and provide informative business training necessary for the students. As they make their way to earn their degrees and attain full-time jobs, or even solidify their own businesses as entrepreneurs, the students participated in four 1-hour long presentations that covered topics including Marketing, Teamwork, Customer Service, and Interview & Resume (also known as a CV in Rwanda) Building.

Before the training day began, the team was welcomed by over 150 TNHF students at the Africa New Life College of Theology. The first two hours consisted of team building icebreakers outdoors, introductions from the Executive Director of TNHF (Tina Anderson), and an inspirational welcome concert by the choir. The team also spent some time introducing Aspen Heights Partners and everyone’s individual roles within the company, led by CEO Greg Henry.

During the training sessions, students were taught general understandings of each of the topics, how Aspen Heights incorporates them within the company, and ways they could use them as they grow into professionals upon graduation. Students were encouraged to engage with the presenters and offered incredible feedback coupled with important questions as they gained clarity to the content.

The fun wasn’t over when the training ended! Greg Henry and the Aspen Heights team took the floor one final time to announce the two selected students for the Fall internship program in Austin, Texas – Jackie Mutamba and Alphonse Musafiri. Immediately after, the students surprised the group with a traditional African dance performance and offered many thanks for our visit to them and time spent with them. We all then came together and enjoyed a lunch feast and had the opportunity to speak with the students individually about their biggest takeaways.

Within our company, we foster the growth of our employees and continue to educate our teams to do better every day as business professionals and leaders. Our Awake team holds true to these goals and enjoys the opportunity to meet with future African leaders and provide these vital training opportunities to them. Just as inspirational it is to these students to have this time with us, we have found ourselves to be equally inspired by them purely by their drive to succeed and their passion to do good in the world. All in all, it was an educational day for everyone and a fantastic day at that. Stay tuned and see what our Awake team has in store for tomorrow! Murabeho!

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