8 Inexpensive, Last Minute Summer Activities

Summer activities

Can you believe we are already headed into July? For some of us this means summer is already winding down but, before you feel bad for not doing anything “fun,” here are eight last minute activities for you to squeeze in!

1. Go on a staycation

Act like a tourist in your own city. Is there something you’ve often heard about but have never done? Search Pinterest for “Things to do in [add your city name here]” and check things off the list – you’ll be surprised at what you find!

2. Find the nearest beach

You’re lucky if your nearest beach is along the Florida panhandle but for the majority of us it might be a not so nice one (i.e. Galveston). But that’s okay! You can still take some food, soak in the sun, and find putt-putt golf to play with your friends.

3. Book a cheap flight to a cheap city


For a cheap flight download the mobile app called Hopper or book a flight at student prices from StudentUniverse. If you want to be cheap in any city, it is possible, but you must prepare. Places like NYC make it pretty tough so opting for New Orleans might be stress free and a lot easier on your wallet!

4. Build a movie screen in your back yard

All you need for this is a white sheet, a solid projector, and tons of pillows. You can find many projectors on Amazon from $50-$300. We recommend spending $100 for this best seller. Yes, $100 might be a bit high but have a weekly movie night and tell your friends to bring the food (worth it!). Here is a great tutorial for building your own backyard movie night.

5. Camp out at a National Park

Camping out can be inexpensive and a true adventure. Many universities allow you to rent out camping equipment from their gyms but if that does not work Amazon can save the day. Take plenty of water, snacks, and portable phone chargers. Find your nearest park here!

6. Take a haunted tour

You can find haunted places in almost any city. Find a ghost tour or sleep in a haunted hotel. Don’t think your city is haunted? Just take your friends to watch The Conjuring 2, a night they will never forget!

7. Sneak into a fancy pool

Is there a popular hotel nearby? Sneak into their fancy pools and act like a guest. There are plenty of articles on perfecting this skill but your best bet is making a friend at your favorite hotel. Let us know how it goes!

8. Take a class or host your own!

cooking class

There are so many different classes you can do and host such as cooking classes, painting classes (+ wine), yoga classes, or dancing classes and more! If you’re hosting a class, ask your friends to chip in for the materials. You can really get creative here and have fun!

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