7 Ways to Pretend You’re Studying Abroad This Summer


The deadline to register for your school’s study abroad program is long gone and let’s face it, so is your bank account. Whether you’re taking summer classes, working a summer job/internship or doing literally nothing, your summer can still be awesome! Here are 7 ways to ensure Drake isn’t the only one making the most of Summer Sixteen.

1. Layout by the Pool… All Day: Imagine you’re at the Amalfi Coast and all those Chubbies clad dad-bods are really The David in a sensible Italian speedo.

2. Make New Friends: Download one of the many ‘friend-making’ apps out there and meet someone new! Although you aren’t going to ward off creepy locals at the Discotheque with them, they might just end up being your life-long friends.

3. Get Your Shawarma On: Kebabs, Shawarma, Gyros…they are pretty much the international street food and especially good after a few drinks. Skip the slice of Pizza or Whataburger for a night and order one of these from your local Greek joint.

4. Siesta Not Fiesta: Take a nice long nap. Many countries around the world take a siesta. How did our country miss the memo it’s socially acceptable to nap in the middle of the day?

5. Culture Yourself: Pretend for one day the U.S. is not the center of the universe (but not on the 4th of July, ‘Merica!) and make yourself aware of what is going on in the rest of the world. Start with subscribing to TheSkimm so you don’t get overwhelmed.

6. Switch Your Study Surroundings: If you’re in summer school, study at a local coffee shop with a patio view or go to a cute café. Sip a cortado and pretend you’re people watching on La Rambla during study breaks.

7. Breakout of Your Netflix Slump: Watch any of these movies centered around traveling on Netflix for an instant wanderlust fix.

So get out and enjoy studying abroad at home this summer. You’ll be be pleased with yourself.

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