7 Lesser-Known Benefits of Living at Aspen Heights


Living at Aspen Heights means so much more than just having an awesome and spacious home to come back to. It also means that you have exclusive access to all of the amazing amenities and perks that make your life a little better. Some of these things are obvious and well-known, like the luxury pool or the fully-equipped gym. Others, however, have stayed slightly more under the radar. We want to make sure that our residents are able to reap all of the benefits of living here, so here’s a list of 7 cool features of living in Aspen Heights that you might not know about!

1. The Concierge Bar
con bar

Plenty of residents come through our clubhouse every day to grab a cup of coffee before catching the bus to JMU’s campus, but coffee is not the only “freebie” we have to offer! Behind the concierge desk, we also have a wide assortment of goodies that could come in handy for all sorts of situations. Whether you want a scoop of protein to build muscle, you need some gum for your smelly breath, or you snapped your hair tie on your way to class, we’ve got you covered! We even have dog biscuits available for our furrier residents to enjoy. Basically, you should stop by the concierge desk because chances are we will have something you might want or need!

2. Recycling Bags

Aspen Heights is an environmentally friendly place and we always try to do what we can to help save the planet! We want to make it easier for you to do the same, and so we make recycling simple. Available upon request at the club house, we are always happy to give out blue recycling bags for you to place all of your recyclables. In the same way you handle taking out regular trash, you will tie off your blue bag and place it in the bench for the trash valet service to pick up! This is a super easy way for you to do your part in saving the environment!

3. Tanning Tuesdays

Based on the pre-Spring Break traffic, it seems that a lot of our residents are well aware of our tanning beds! You may not know however that we have special “Tanning Tuesdays”. On these Tuesdays, we allow you to take one of our tanning lotion packets! If you use them wisely, you can make these little packets last for a couple of uses, or at least long enough to tide you over until the next Tuesday! Now you’ll be able to get that bronze glow without having to pay an arm and a leg for those expensive bottles of lotion sold at salons!

4. The Cardio Room

A lot of people know about our gym, but fewer know that right above you’ll be able to find the second story of the gym- the cardio room. This is always a great room to use if you’re hoping to just use some free weights or do some ab work on one of our mats. Even better, you can also use the module connected to the TV to choose from countless work out videos. From yoga all the way to Bollywood dancing, you’ll be able to find the best work out video for you!

5. The Movie Theater

If you’ve ever explored the second floor of our club house, you’ve probably come across the movie theater. This room is very handy because there are actually so many ways that it can be used! The most obvious use would be to play DVDs, but you can actually watch cable as well! This opens up the opportunity to get a big group together to watch the latest episode of The Bachelor or cheer on your favorite sports team on the big screen. You can also get creative, hooking up your lap top to the projector so that you can watch Netflix or even practice a group presentation that might involve slides! If you swing by during our office hours, we’ll also be happy to lend you a movie to watch or we can microwave some popcorn for you to truly enjoy that movie theater experience!

6. The Security System

You may have noticed the alarm system in your house and you’ve probably heard the little chime at least once when you opened the door! But did you know that you can actually set up a personal alarm code so that you can set the alarm any time you’re away? Of course it would be a good idea to talk it over with you roommates before setting up an alarm code, but this is definitely a cool feature to add some extra peace of mind, especially if your entire house will be empty for several days at a time! All you would need to do is set up a maintenance request and our maintenance team will be able to help you and your roommates set up the alarm so that it’s active and ready to be set whenever you all want!

7. Call Box
Call Box

Our gate is a great way to ensure that only residents and invited guests are in our community, but we also want to make sure that you know how to let your guests through that gate. While a handful of you probably know the gate process, it’s definitely useful information for everyone to know! Basically every resident has a 3 digit code that their visitors will type into the call box. Once they type in that code, the phone number we have on file for you (it’s typically your cell phone if that’s what you provided!) will receive a phone call. You answer the phone and then hit the button “5” and that’s how you can open the gate! It’s super convenient because you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your room when letting guests in!

*To find your gate code, simply scroll through the call box to find your last name. I’d recommend writing that 3 digit code down so that you always have it handy!

Whether you knew about these things or not, hopefully this will help you continue to live life to the fullest here at Aspen Heights! Now go out there and enjoy all of the awesome perks of being one of our residents!

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