6 Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your Roomies

vday with roomies

We understand if you’re totally over the candle lit dinner and red roses thing. We are too! So we came up with 6 ways to celebrate the day of love with people you actually want to hangout with. Read on to find out how not having a date on Valentine’s day can be super fun and relaxing.

Get Crafty Here is a tutorial for an easy DIY Decorative Tray for your living room coffee table. You can make this really personalized by choosing a fun printed fabric or adding a monogram in the center.

Get Cookin’ Pick a few recipes you’ve never tried before and make them at home. You can even get fancy and cook a four course meal with an appetizer and a dessert (with chocolate, duh!).

Go to the Movies If you want love to be the last thing on your mind, go see the latest addition to the Die Hard series, A Good Day to Die Hard. If you need to get in a good cry then go watch the newest Nicholas Sparks’ movie, Safe Haven. You can’t go wrong with a love story by the author of The Notebook and Josh Duhamel. V-day is opening day for both of these flicks so make sure you get there early.

Go Out Take advantage of those 2 for 1 V-day specials…head to your favorite bar for drink or grab a burger somewhere.

Be Sweet If you’re feeling extra sweet, make some valentines while you watch your favorite show. When you’re done you can drop them off at your local Boys and Girls club or children’s hospital.

Sweat It Out Take a fitness class or go to the gym….take out your frustrations on the punching bag or run around the block to get rid of your energy.

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