5 Ways to Master Working Full-Time


Okay, this one is for all you seniors out there! Here’s some†helpful†advice you may not have thought about†so you can dominate your first full-time job.

1. Transitioning From Part-Time to Full-Time
With†full-time, comes great responsibility. You’re going to have more expectations at your job than ever before. The company has decided to invest in you, make sure you’re investing in the company too. They want you there for a reason so be confident in yourself and your work. Remember, you and your co-workers are†going to be together a lot. Be respectful, build meaningful relationships and this will make it easier to have open, honest discussions in the work place. Be the co-worker you would want.

2. To Do Lists
Make them! You will have several new responsibilities and you will need to stay on top of them. Invest in a planner like this one here†so you can customize it to fit your needs and stay organized. Start off every day looking at your planner and prioritize!

3. A New Schedule
It’s Monday Ė Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. every week. Your new work schedule can seem to take over your week†so make your personal time count. But remember, now your weekends and nights are free… No homework to complete! Plan out your weekends and evenings to avoid getting overwhelmed and bored. Donít forget to have time with friends and some well-deserved R&R.

4. Think Long Term When it Comes to Being Salaried
Coming in early or staying late may not earn you more money on your next paycheck but it shows your boss your job is important to you. Taking initiative can only help you when you’re looking for your next job opportunity or negotiating your salary/bonus. Your first few years you may not†be bringing in as much as you thought but if you continue to work hard it will all pay-off in the long run! Budget wisely, take advantage of 401k plans and think long-term, you’ve got plenty of working years ahead of you.†Itís never too early to plan for your retirement!

5. The Perks
HR is your new best friend so donít be afraid to ask them tons of questions and take advantage of what you can.

Paid Time Off (PTO) is a beautiful thing! You can use it for a personal day, vacation or when you’re sick and youíre not left with a smaller paycheck. Keep in mind once itís gone Ė itís gone! Be sure to use it before the end of the year and use it wisely!

Some other lovely perks with being full time can include holiday pay, weekends off, office/company supplied technology, health benefits and best of all no more clocking in and out!

A new full-time job and working in the real world can be intimidating and exciting! Keep your head held high and know everyone has gone through it. Good luck!

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