3 Ways to Win at College

3 was to win at college 1

Everyone gets burned out with school — especially right now as we come down the home stretch to the end of the semester. So we know you’re probably running low on motivation. Here are some simple tricks of the college trade that will help get you out of your rut and slide on over into the success lane.

1. Create a Plan

Before you start working on anything make a list of your overall work load.

3 ways to win at college 2

After you’ve written down your list, it’s time to create a plan of action. It’s true that, “Stress is just pressure without a plan.” When creating your plan, it’s important to also set mini goals that are actually attainable which will contribute to the big picture. For example, when assigned a 25 page research paper don’t get overwhelmed by focusing on the entire paper as a whole. Break it down week by week. Do this by writing a couple pages every other day. Any project can be handled in small chunks. We also highly recommend the post-it note system.

2. Don’t be Afraid to ask for Help

  • Get to know your professor no matter how large the class is. Make sure they can put a face to your name. Have open communication with them via email and most importantly, visit their office hours. If you don’t understand a section from the notes or if something discussed in class really interested you (or even if it didn’t, act like it did). Just find a reason to get in and have a conversation with them. This will also force you to be accountable for attending class. If the class is small enough the professor will notice you’re not there. Or if you saw them on campus earlier in the day. In the end, it’s likely that the professor will have a hard time to giving you a lower grade, even if it is a class you struggle with. If they know you and especially if they know how much work, time and dedication you put into their class.
  • Use your resources. Every university will have some sort of tutor or study lab where students who are pros at the subject will help you. Most importantly, they’re free! So use them as much as you can.

3. Get Busy.

If you have a full schedule, you’re likely to manage your time more effectively. It will also allow you to practice your time management skills. Join a club that has weekly meetings, or get a part time job working 12 hours a week for some extra cash. When it comes time to hit the books, you’ll want to commit that much more.

Of course, always rememeber:

  • to get enough sleep
  • drink tons of water
  • workout….as the esteemed Elle Woods said, ” Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy…”
  • be positive

Do something everyday that puts a little smile on your face. Whether it’s listening to a song, getting your favorite fruit smoothie, or a chat with your best friend.

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