18 Travel Essentials You Need This Summer

18 Travel Essentials

It’s summer! So that means it’s time for traveling and exploring new places. Think you’re ready? Here are 18 travel essentials sure to make your trip a LOT easier.

1. First things first, any responsible person would carry an external charger.

This external charger can charge your iPhone multiple times. A true life safer. Find it on Amazon for $24.

2. A few sticks of chapstick for those hot summer days.

DO NOT lick your lips, instead pick out your favorite lip balm and keep some extras near you at all times. Here’s a four pack of Burt’s Bees for $10!

3. Comfortable shoes for those trips that require hours of walking.

Allbirds were recently named THE most comfortable sneakers around. They are made of wool and feel like little clouds under your feet. Perfect for getting lost in a new city. Find them here for $95.

4. A collapsible water bottle to pack light and quench your thirst.

Find this one on Amazon for $11.

5. For the random parties at the beach or deep in the woods, a portable speaker.

This Ultimate Ears wireless speaker is waterproof and plays music at 365 degrees. Find it here at the Apple Store for $199.

6. A good book to look cool on your flight, because yes, reading makes you look cool (and it’s a good conversation starter!).

Obviously GoT is a good series to start. Purchase the set on Amazon for $30 here.

7. Sunscreen to protect your skin from those dangerous rays.

Save yourself for $7 on Amazon, here.

8. You can’t forget your favorite sunnies!

Purchase them here from $75-$100.

9. A good bag to hold all of these essentials + more.

Because this might actually be THE most important thing. Select the bag that speaks to you. Here’s a pricey one from Lo & Sons for $275!

10. Headphones for all the good tunes.

Cheap. Great quality. And come in a variety of colors. Find them on Amazon for $8.

11. An instant camera for that *hipster* vibe but also for some cool photos to remember 4 ever.

giphy (3)

Fuji’s are inexpensive and come in different colors! On Amazon for $50, here!

12. For both ladies and gentlemen, oil absorbing blotting papers to keep your skin looking fresh.

We can’t have an oily nose to mach our beachy vibes. Find some on Sephora for $10.

13. A neck pillow because nothing else makes you look like a more professional traveler.

Make sure you’re getting good z’s on those long days. Find one for $25 on Amazon, here.

14. A life straw just in case you get lost in the woods.

Yes, a true life safer. Purifies water anywhere. Get one here ($20).

15. Gum to freshen your breath, pop your ears, give you something to chew on, etc.

Pick your favorite. My favorite? 5 Gum.

16. Because you never know what can happen, a mini emergency kit.

$14-$22 for him & for her.

17. A scarf to look cute and stay warm.

Here’s a cute one on OU for $40.

18. Finally, an awesome playlist to keep you pumped!
Summer PLaylist

Choose from a variety of playlist already created on Spotify or create your own!

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