18 Reasons Why Earth Day is ?

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day, where everyone around the world shows support for environmental protection. There’s no doubt this is becoming more significant each year, but just in case you forgot here are 18 little reasons why it is so important to help our planet.

1. For all the little guys living on our planet

2. And the big ones too

3. Because they love their homes

4. And sharing kisses

5. Or dancing a little

6. And because animals like this ACTUALLY EXIST

7. Yeah, even this baby kangaroo can’t believe it

8. For the ones that like making new friends

9. Or prefer to stay up late

10. For those who like to show off

11. Or make a grand entrance

12. Because even the shy ones deserve a home

13. And the ones that are a little too confident

14. Because they love it here

15. And your furry companion loves it too

16. So let’s keep them in mind

17. And help keep our planet safe

18. Because they deserve it

So get out there and save our planet!

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