17 Reasons Why Being Back at Aspen is the Best Thing Ever

Best Thing Ever

Spending quality time with family makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside but after a few days it’s easy to remember why we prefer to get home to Aspen Heights. Here are 17 reasons why being back at school is not so bad after all.

1. Catching up on all of the new shows you’ve missed.

Making A Murderer…without any interruptions.

2. That moment when you and your best froomie meet again.

Froomie = Friend + Roomie

3. All the good feels when heading back to the Aspen gym.

Open 24 hours for all your gym time needs.

4. Waking up at a time that is best for YOU.

Maybe it’s 8 AM or maybe it’s noon, who cares!

5. Making your way back to your favorite local hangouts.

#feelssogoodtobeback #blessed

6. Finding GOOD surprises from your Aspen Heights staff.

Free donuts? Yes! Taco Tuesday? HECK YES!

7. Eating pizza whenever you want.

No one is judging.

8. Daydreaming about the pool.

Countdown to Summer 2016 is on.

9. Seeing all your favorite puppies around the neighborhood again.

How are they always so excited?!

10. Being available for random dance parties with your BFF.

Besties who dance together, stay together.

11. No more parents to judge your…questionable behavior.

We believe in you.

12. Hanging out at the Aspen Heights clubhouse.

The best weekend getaway.

13. Winning a gift card on #DoubleTap Tuesday.

Because we all know we’re broke.

14. Having enough space to do whatever you want!

Your space, your rules!

15. Friends there to always keep you motivated.

Don’t let your dreams be dreams.

16. Going back to having a private bathroom.

Sharing a bathroom is so high school.

17. And of course, you only have to answer to yourself.

Life at Aspen Heights is good.

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