15 Things Every Apartment Needs


Maybe you have them all or maybe you’re now realizing you need one. Here are fifteen things every apartment needs.

1. Spiralizer

Making noodles has never been so easy and healthy! $30 on Amazon.

2. A cozy blanket

Collect enough to build a fort! $14 at Target.

3. A well scented candle

Volcano is everybody’s favorite for a reason. $26 at Amazon.

4. A Swiffer

Yes, these are still the best around. Good for dusting and moping small places. $11 on Amazon.

5. A collection of pillows

Good for relaxing, pillow fights, or resting your laptop on. $14 at Target.

6. Matching dinnerware

Collecting a mix match of plates is fun but it’s great to start with a set. $69 at OU.

7. Measuring Cups

These collapsible measuring cups are also easy to store. $12.50 on Amazon.

8. Steamer

Who even uses irons anymore? This tiny steamer makes it so easy to keep your clothes looking solid. $24 on Amazon.

9. Electric kettle

Have you seen all of the different things you can do with one of these? $27 at Target.

10. Laundry Bag

Mine as well make it fun! $34 at OU.

11. Quick charger

Charge your devices faster than normal. $25 on Amazon.

12. A speaker

For portable tunes that sound GOOD. Many options here. $170 on Amazon.

13. Slippers


Your feet can never be too cozy. $14 on Amazon.

14. A basic tool kit

Save the day with this simple tool kit. $20 at Target.

15. Something you love

Maybe its jewelry or a picture of your pup who’s back at home. Whatever it is…. priceless.

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