15 Feelings You Get When You Move Out of Your Apartment


Maybe you’re graduating, moving schools, or just moving out of your apartment, we’ve all had these feelings. Moving can be tough and we’re here to let you know it’s not just you. Here are feelings we all get when moving out of our space.

1. The hardest part, figuring out where to begin.

2. Then wondering how all of your kitchen cabinets filled up so fast.

3. That moment you find something you thought was gone forever.

4. When you’ve been staring at the same pile of clothes in your closet because it’s too much to handle.

5. And then you consider donating your clothes but you forget it because you still want everything.

6. Realizing you’re going to need A LOT more boxes.

7. When you get frustrated and just start throwing things away.

8. When your friends tell you they will finally help you pack.

9. But then you watch them carry your heavy furniture down three flights of stairs.

10. When you finally surprise your friends with food to thank them.

11. When you put on some music to get into the groove.

12. And when you try to squeeze everything into your car.

13. And you start slowing down.

14. When you see you’re getting so close to finishing and things are looking brighter.

15. When you finally look at your empty apartment and all the packing is done.

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