15 Essentials for Sitting #PoolsideAtAspen


Ready to sit poolside? Get prepared with these fifteen essentials.

1. Beach Towel – It’s always fun to lay out your towel on the chairs, now you can make it delicious with this donut one!

Beach Towel

2. SunscreenThis SPF 100 sunscreen should do the trick. You – 1, Sun – 0.

3. Speaker – THE most important thing on this list, something to play all of your good tunes. This one is inexpensive and waterproof!

4. An Amazing Spotify Playlist – You can’t have the good tunes without the right playlist. Listen to this one or create your own collection of summer favorites.

5. Flip Flops – We all love our Havaianas, go buy yours now!

6. A Floppy Hat – Ok ok, yes this one is for the ladies but don’t forget that floppy hat so you can look at people like this:

7. Sunglasses– Just another way to make sure the sun doesn’t win. You – 2, Sun – 0! Try these.

8. Water-Proof Phone Case – We still have to snap somehow!

9. Waterproof Camera – If you are not into social media, get “vintage” with this underwater disposable camera.

10. Pool Floats!– Becauses YAASSS. Choose between the pineapple, donut, or jumbo flamingo. OR maybe you’d prefer the golden swan

11. Water Basketball – Try this, so we can all act like Lebron.

12. Lip Balm – Keep those lips moist & looking smooth. You – 3, Sun – 0!

13. Desserts Check out our latest post on cool summertime desserts to keep you satisfied!

14. Drinks Aside from drinking enough water in that summer heat, try some of these summer spritzer recipes or go find some Summer Shandy:

15. A Good Bag – Finally, we need something to carry all of this stuff in, so here you go!

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