14 Reasons Why Fall is the BEST


Happy first day of FALL! The summer heat will soon be fading and with that we move into the best season of them all…fall! Here are fourteen reasons why fall is so great!

1. PSL

For all the basic girls out there. You know you want one.

2. Halloween is around the corner!

Halloween parties! Who will you dress up as?

3. With Halloween comes haunted houses

Because screaming uncontrollably is the best thing ever.

4. Fall colors in the trees

And all the leaves crunching under your feet.

5. Getting ready for the holiday food


6. Pies become the go-to dessert

Oh the sweet smell of… pies, duh.

7. The best new reason to get cozy at home

Pull out that YouTube fireplace.

8. Other great sweets like S’MORES!


9. Football season thrives!

Sundays are for friends, tailgating, twerking, and FOOTBALLLLLLL.

10. Pumpkin carving contests

My pumpkin is better than yours.

11. Fall carnivals


12. Even better… Oktoberfest!

Because if you’re over 21 you know how much fun this can be.

13. Holiday movies galore

Best excuse to stay in for the evening.

14. One step closer to CHRISTMAS


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