14 Reasons Why Dogs are the BEST


In celebration for National Dog Day (August 26th), we are sharing those reasons why dogs are simply the best. Don’t forget, Aspen is pet friendly so go adopt at a local shelter and feel all the loving puppy feels!

1. They love you SO MUCH

2. They love being pampered

3. They are friendly even when they don’t feel like it

4. They are on top of all the latest trends

5. They never give up

6. They REALLY listen to all of your crazy stories

7. They make sure you stop to appreciate the better things in life

8. They like to make friends and play

9. They like to learn tricks!

10. They always have your back

11. They really know how to make you laugh

12. They try to let you enjoy your food (but it just looks so good!)

13. They are willing to try new things with you

14. They are the happiest animals around!

Share a pic of your favorite pup with us and tag #LiveAtAspen!

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