13 Ways to Host the BEST Fourth of July Party


The Fourth of July is here! Whether you like to test your luck and pop fireworks or sit around with friends and family, it’s a day to celebrate. Want to host the best Fourth of July party? Here are 13 suggestions guaranteed to make your party a blast!

1. Fourth of July Photo Backdrop

This one goes out to all the selfies. You know what they say, pic or it didn’t happen.

2. Red, White, and Blue Sangria

Here’s to getting the party started!

3. DIY Giant Jenga

Sure you can buy giant Jenga online but these beautiful pieces will shock and impress.

4. The Firecracker Essentials

We can’t forget these! Stock up on these *safe* and fun fireworks to make your party sparkle!

5. Painted Lawn Stars

Srsly best idea ever. Painting now!

6. Potato Chip Chicken Tenders

Treat your guests to these bad boys. All-american deliciousness.

7. Firecracker Dogs

Stars and stripes and SO GOOD.

8. Star Spangled Jello Shots

Get star spangled CRUNK! (Do people still say that?)

Follow the link for a few more jello shot recipes!

9. Fourth of July Bark

Bark is a cheap and quick way to make tons of candy. Don’t be greedy with those M&Ms!

10. Patriotic Gunny Sack Race

This game + shots? See how far you can go! *Just need adult sized sacks*

11. Fourth of July Menu

For the person who likes to cook and for those who like to eat.

12. Stars & Stripes Bean Bag Toss

bean bag toss

Yet another, sure to impress, game. Need a quicker DIY option? Here!

13. 35 Free Patriotic Printables

Banners, candies, and more! Go paper crazy with these fun designs!

As always, have fun and drink responsibly.

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