13 Perks of Having a Best Friend


Since yesterday was National Best Friends Day, it’s important to remember why we love and appreciate our best friends. Here are 13 reasons why it’s always good to have a partner in crime.

1. You might like a lot of people, but your best friend will always be your favorite.

2. They always encourage you to go for it, even when you aren’t ready (they believe in you).

3. They’ve always got your back.

4. They are always thinking the same thing you’re thinking.

5. They join in when you need support and a lot of comfort food.

6. They understand when you need a little space, because you always come back to your BFF when you’re ready.

7. They let you know when you’re acting a little…crazy.

8. They are always there when you need to share some secrets about the person standing right across from you.

9. They will join in on a synchronized dance when you need them to join in on a synchronized dance.

10. They always help you out, even if this is the third week you’ve asked for a free meal.

11. They will patiently take as many selfies necessary until both of you look AMAZE.

12. You accept and love each other unconditionally.

13. And you know your friendship will last forever. *cue the water works*

Who’s your best friend? Tell them how much you appreciate them today!

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